Using Webinterpret on eBay

This article provides basic information on what Webinterpret's services look like and what they entail. Below you will find a list that will give you some insight in specific services. 

Topics in this article:

Important: We ask sellers to only manage their original items. To prevent various avoidable problems you shouldn't touch the translated listings as it could break the synchronisation between them and our system!

Webinterpret services - overview

Below you will find a list of things you should consider before using Webinterpret on eBay:

1. Translation: We generally use automatic translation for all aspects of this process. More on this in the following Help Center article. If you have doubts about a translation, you should check this Help Center article

2. Important: If you find a problem with a translation, do not modify it! Best-case scenario, after a refresh our system will return the translation back to its original state. Worst case scenario, it will create a duplicate or other problems! More on duplicates in point 6.

3. Localization
: Users have to log into their Webinterpret account to check the status of their listings. There you will find information on which items require action, like policies needing checking, item conditions needing setting, shipping options needing to include international shipping, etc. Again, these actions should be done in the original listings.

Seller inaction can sometimes lead to a variety of problems, like buyers getting the wrong item sizes and the slew of other problems listed in this thread. Again, modifying the translated listings will cause problems, like duplicate or orphan listings being created.

4. Insertion Fees:
eBay requires insertion fees, whether you list items through Webinterpret or do it yourself. Having said that, yes, eBay charges an insertion fee for every item listed on each country site, even when using our free trial.

Only eBay's European Sales Booster (ESB) doesn't have any insertion fees for international listings (there’s still an insertion fee for the original listing).

For more information contact our sales department or check this Help Center article.

5. Items not getting listed:
As mentioned in point 2, items might require action. Alternately, you might have a non-standard case that needs investigating. International eBay sites are different from one another. Webinterpret not only offers translation services, but also expertise on all the rules between eBay country sites. Items are usually listed within 7 work days. If it takes longer, there might be an unexpected case.

6. Response taking too long: Webinterpret tries to respond to customer queries within a working day. This means you will be in contact with our Support Team within 24 hours. A solution to your query might take longer, depend on the complexity of the request.
7. Duplicate listings: It can be caused by a variety of reasons. Please check this Help Center article.
8. Returned items: Our policy is to return the commission. More on this in the Help Center.
9. Third-party tools: Using an unsupported third-party tool can cause duplicate listings, as well as stock synchronization and order management issues. Please make sure your tools are compatible by checking this list.

Please make sure that your tools are updated and synchronized with our software, and let us know if your third-party software is incompatible with Webinterpret.

10. Discount applied twice: A "double-discount" may occur when a seller applies a promotion on all or a group of items, including items listed by Webinterpret. Since translated item prices already take the discount into consideration, a promotion applied to one of our listings will result in a "double-discount". For more information, please read this Help Center article.