What happens in case of cancelled transactions and refunds?

This article explains the process behind cancelling a transaction. You will also learn about Webinterpret's refund process for both eBay and Amazon.

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How does Webinterpret handle refunds? 

There is a difference in the refund and cancellation process, depending on which platform the sale is made.

If we have already taken a commission from you, we will refund it in case of a cancelled transaction or  a return. However, we will not cover the shipping costs. We also do not charge for unpaid transactions. 

If we haven’t refunded you, let us know the item number and we can proceed with the process. 

You can see the refunds in your transaction breakdown available in the Invoices section in your Dashboard

Refunds on eBay

Refunds arranged directly through your eBay account will be automatically processed. This is due to Webinterpret being synchronized and supporting live transactions. 

We don't recommend refunds via PayPal mainly because of commission fees.  

Refunds on Amazon

In case of an Amazon refund, you have to send us a screenshot that shows the cancelled transaction or that the product was returned to you.

If you have multiple cancellations or returns, you can send them in bulk. In order to process the refund, we need to receive the screenshot and know the following information:

  • Transaction ID
  • Item ID
  • Date of return
  • Any information that will confirm the item was returned.

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