What Happens in Case of Order Cancellations or Customer Returns?

This article explains what happens when a Buyer cancels a transaction or order payment. You will also find out how to manage Customer Returns. Here we cover both Amazon and eBay processes.

Topics in this article:

  • Refunds - WebInterpret
  • Refunds - eBay
  • Refunds - Amazon

Refunds - WebInterpret 

If WebInterpret has already taken a commission from the seller, WebInterpret will return the commission for the returned or cancelled transaction. However, we will NOT cover the shipping costs. 

Please bear in mind that we do not charge for unpaid transactions.

Please be aware that there is a difference in the refund/cancellation process depending on which platform the sale is made.

Refunds - eBay

eBay - Refunds arranged directly through your eBay account will be automatically processed. This is due to WebInterpret being synchronised and supporting live transactions (Please note, refunds processed via PayPal or any other method will not be supported). A breakdown is available via your Dashboard, therefore you can check all charged Transactions within your account.

Refunds - Amazon

Amazon - It is very important that you provide WebInterpret Support with verifiable proof that the transaction was cancelled or the product was returned to you. If you have multiple cancellations or returns on any consistent basis, you may send them to us on a batch basis. If you wish to send them as and when they occur on a singular basis, this is also acceptable. In any case, you will need to provide the following information:

The transaction ID
Item ID
Date of return
Screenshot of Confirmation
Any information that will confirm the item was returned

Parcel Forwarding (WI Shipping Services)

For information on Logistic based returns and/or refunds, please see the following articles:

Logistics Process for Refunds & Returns - UK

Logistics Process for Refunds & Returns - US

To see our fees and rate plans, login to your WebInterpret Dashboard here.


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