How to filter my international listings in my eBay?

This article provide information on how to filter between your domestic and translated listings. This helps you check by country and see what listings are active and where.

Topics in this article:

Filtering your listings - introduction

To translate your listings we need to create new listings which will be published directly on international eBay sites (i.e., eBay France, Italy, Spain, Germany). So your translated listings will appear in active listings on your eBay dashboard.

However, you can filter your listings to see only your domestic listings. If you would like to see your international listings on your eBay dashboard just follow these simple steps.

First of all, if you do not currently use the eBay Seller Hub, please activate the latest free version to have full access to your listing Dashboard. Set up can be found here:


Filtering your listings - step by step guide

Filter International Listings via My eBay

1. Log in to your eBay account, and on the right hand corner, go to My eBay and a drop down menu will appear, click on Selling


2. In the headline menu, go to Listings and then click on Active


3: Click on All listings, select United States and click on the Search button


Filtering and searching is available for any listing site you currently or are scheduling use of. So if you have a item due to list at a later date in a new market, it will show as above and you can filter and check these listings.

For any eBay customers not utilising Seller Hub, we've provided a brief guide below:

How Can You Identify Which Items Webinterpret Are Translating And Listing Internationally?

International listings can be found very simply. Just select Active in My eBay (or your Selling Manager) where you also find your domestic listings.

Basic shop subscribers select Search to find the Advanced search. From now on the view is the same for all sellers. Just choose site and all sites except this site to see only international listings. Below we show how the screens will look:



If you are not currently utilizing our Marketplaces program and wish to find out more, please see how our International eBay sales booster can work for you.