Add item condition & select default settings for international listings

In this article you will learn how to add item condition and select default settings for your international listings. Item condition is one of the most important factors that buyers consider when purchasing something and that's why it's important that all of your listings have it set.

Topics in this article:

Item condition - overview

Is your item new or used? Does it include the original tags, packaging, or manuals?

Item condition is one of the top factors buyers consider when deciding whether to purchase an item. When you create your listing, let your buyers know exactly what they'll be receiving by specifying its condition.

From our last campaign encouraging sellers to set a default item condition, we gathered some promising data. Sellers experienced a 2.87% increase in Market growth and an astounding 13.65% increase in GMV.


Note: It's important that you specify the condition accurately in order to avoid violating eBay's Selling Policies.

How to specify the item's condition on your domestic listing

To specify the item's condition on your domestic listing:

  1. When listing your item, select the condition of your item from the Condition drop-down menu.
  2. Although the options vary by category, the Condition drop-down menu lets you specify the item's condition. For example, the condition choices for clothing include New with tags, New without tags, New with defects, and Pre-owned.
  3. If your item isn’t new, you’ll see a Condition description field. In the Condition description field, provide additional details about the item’s condition, such as whether it has defects, missing parts, scratches, or other wear and tear. You have up to 1,000 characters to utilise.

We encourage you to use the condition description for all of your notes about your item's condition. Don't use the item description for this.

WebInterpret will map New with tags and New without tags as NEW, New with defects as WITH DEFECT and Pre-owned as USED.



New with tags


New without tags


New with defects




If you have not set any item condition on your domestic listings, there is a good chance that you are short on the number of live listings for your program. The reason for this is that for many categories on most eBay markets, item condition is required. WebInterpret has designed a feature that can help you with this. On your WebInterpret Dashboard, you may set a default condition for your international listings. They will all be revised and listed with the modified condition.

The MULTIPLE CONDITIONS option means we should not set a default option.

Advantages of specifying the item's condition

Listings that specify the item's condition provide useful information and, as a result, are more likely to sell. When you specify your item's condition, you:

  • Help buyers find your item.
  • When buyers search for items, they often use the Refine search column to narrow their search based on the item's condition. Select the appropriate condition from the Condition drop-down menu when you create your listing to help buyers find it.

Log in to the Dashboard and set a default item condition to your listings and enjoy more live listings and sales as a result.