How do you update stock levels?

In this article you will learn how stock levels are updated. Below you will find answers to most frequently asked questions. 

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Stocks are synchronized to your original marketplace, so you don't need to worry about keeping independent stock levels in each country. When an item is bought in a foreign marketplace, stocks are updated on the original marketplace.

How often do you update stocks?

Stock level checks are run 24/7. Once our software receives this update it will amend stock levels as appropriate (please bear in mind there are factors involved with synchronization that may mean the update is not simultaneous or immediate)

What affects the speed of updates?

The speed of the actual update depends on when our software receives a specific notification from the eBay marketplace where a purchase was made or when you make changes to the stock levels on the original listing.

How can I speed up the updating of inventory?

Using SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) or Custom Labels as used on MyEbay on your items will speed up the entire process. SKUs are defined by yourself and assist you in tracking inventory.

You can view your Webinterpret listings here.

What can interfere with stock updates?

Some third-party tools can affect stock synchronisation if they are not supported by Webinterpret. Please make sure your third-party tools are on this list and up-to-date.

For more on how we synchronize our services, please read this Synchronization FAQ article.