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Blacklist Each international eBay site abides by local trademark laws, rules, shipment sizes, etc. Our system is designed to comply with eBay requirements by blacklisting certain keywords from being used internationally. For more information, check this Help Center article.
Double-discount A "double-discount" may occur when a seller applies a promotion on all or a group of items, including items listed by Webinterpret. To prevent this, sellers should not apply promotions to their inventory on a global scale as it affects Webinterpret items as well. For more information, check this article.
DSRs Detailed Seller Ratings
Duplicate listing In rare occasions eBay items might have duplicates for various reasons. These duplicates are not to be confused with items listed in foreign markets. In such cases, action needs to be taken as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of negative repercussion. For more information on duplicate listings, please read this Help Center article.
Duplicate Policy eBay has strict rules about item duplicates. Duplicates might be grounds for having your account suspended. Please familiarize yourself with eBay's Duplicate Policy by reading this article. Also check out this Help Center article on duplicate listings.
EPS eBay lets users add pictures to their listings thanks to a feature called eBay Picture Service. For more information on EPS, read this eBay article.
ESB European Sales Program. For more information on ESB, visit this eBay page. Please note that the ESB program will end on December 31, 2017.
Free trial Webinterpret gives new users a free 30-day trial period. During the 30 days you will have listings translated and listed on foreign markets free of charge (please remember that eBay insertion fees still apply). For more information, check this Help Center article.
GSP eBay's Global Shipping Program. It simplifies selling an item to an international buyer. For more information, read this eBay article.
GTC Good 'Till Cancelled, a format where your listing will be created for a duration of 30 days with a fixed price. At the end of the 30 day period your listing will automatically get renewed and list again. This continues to happen after every 30 day period until the seller cancels the listing.
IGP International Growth Program. IGP was the predecessor of eBay's current European Sales Booster (ESB) program. It has since been phased out.
International Rates Table Also known as Shipping Rates Table or International Postage Rate Table, the rate tables let you set the amount you want to charge for shipping, the shipping method and destination. You can also specify costs for international shipping destinations, either by region or by individual country. For more information check this eBay article.
IRT International Rates Table
Item condition Determines if an item is new, new with defects, or used.
Orphaned listings Refers to localized listings whose connection with the source item has been disconnected. Such listings are often include outdated information.


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