Do you charge listing insertion fees?

This article confirms how eBay charge listing insertion fees.  

Listing insertion fees are collected by eBay. Depending on your program, WebInterpret only collects transaction and/or commissions fees. Insertion fees are calculated using each eBay country site rules and regulations. For more information on eBay insertion fees, visit the following links:

You can also get additional information on insertion fees and how they relate to your Shop on eBay from the link below:

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    Shawn Tait

     I have a feature shop, I used to sell to Germany but I stopped over a year ago as the listing fees were much higher than any other country. Why is this the case, should all countries within the European Union at least not all have the same fees for listing? Seems unfair that Germany is charging more or is Webinterpret charging more? I believe the listing fee is something like 5 pence for every item per month?



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