What to do if a translation is wrong?

Please be aware that modifying or amending incorrect (or inaccurate) Translations can have multiple knock-on affects.

If you find a problem with a translation, please do not modify it. Editing Translations can involve potential issues as our automated system will eventually return your changes back to their original state, or in some cases even create duplicate listings.

In cases referred to above, please contact our Customer Support Department via our Contact Form. Please provide as much information as possible regarding any items concerned (inc all item numbers) so we can resolve any issue as quickly as possible

If there are items with terms you do not want to be available for translation (such as Brands or references to size), you can mark these within the Seller User Interface Translation Manager. For further information, please visit this article

Changes in relation to Conversion Charts can also be validated as part of our Self Service action available within your Seller User Interface.

For referenced material related to adapting domestic listings for Webinterpret to work with, please review this article for more information.



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