How often do you update Webinterpret listings?

This article explains how we update changes made on your original listings to those listings displayed on International markets. As a reminder, changes are automatic and should take no longer than 24 hours to implement. Webinterpret cannot make changes on your original items, International listings are only updated based on changes to the original items within your eBay account.

Topics in this article:

Updating your listings - overview

The software receives information from eBay when you make a change to your original item. Once this notification is received, the International listings connected to the original item are refreshed to reflect your changes. The entire process takes up to 24 hours when successful.

Please contact our support only if it has been 24 hours or more since the original listings was added or amended.

What will be updated

The following components of each listing will be updated according to the changes:

  • Title
  • Category
  • Item specifics
  • Description
  • Price
  • Pictures

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For more information on what we update, please read this Help Center article on how we translate listings.