Reasons why items are not listed on international marketplaces

This article identifies and explains the most common reasons why your eBay items are not listed on international eBay marketplaces, and the changes that are required to successfully list on them. You are able to see how many items are being blocked (and why) from the Inventory healthcheck and Not listed items sections in your Webinterpret Dashboard.

Topics in this article:

It is not uncommon for items to fail and be blocked from listing internationally, as each eBay marketplace has their own set of policies and requirements that must be adhered to.


Why your items are not listed

Below are the different reasons why your eBay items would fail to list on international eBay marketplaces.

You can click on each reason for a full description and what to fix in order for your listings to be listed on international marketplaces:


Where to find your blocked items

You can find your  items which have not been listed from the Not listed items view in your Webinterpret Dashboard.


How to list your not listed items

If your items are not listed due to any of the following reasons:

  • No international shipping
  • No condition
  • Blacklisted manually (by keyword)

You can click on the appropriate button, if any, located in the Not listed items section. This will redirect you to the appropriate Webinterpret tool for fixing the issue. For more information on using these tools, please click on the respective reason above.

If your items are blocked due to any of the remaining reasons, click on the reason above for a full description and to find out what the recommended changes are. Once those changes have been made, your listings will automatically go live.


You can also contact Webinterpret Customer Support to get the full information on items failed to list or blacklisted items. 


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