Not listed items - Duplicate title

Learn what to do when your items are not listed due to Duplicate title. This will be visible from the Not listed items section in your Webinterpret Dashboard.

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Duplicate title explained

Webinterpret’s algorithm prevents international listings from being published when it detects that eBay may flag them as having duplicate titles (a policy violation on the platform).

If your listings are not listed due to Duplicate title, this means that your listing titles are likely to be identified as duplicates by eBay.

Why would listings be flagged for having duplicate titles on international eBay marketplaces, but not on your domestic marketplace?

In most cases, this is due to automated title shortening. eBay has an 80-character limit on listing titles, and as some languages contain significantly longer words, Webinterpret must shorten the length of the original listing’s title. With shorter titles, there is a possibility that titles will appear similar to one another and be flagged as duplicates by eBay.

Webinterpret proactively prevents these particular international listings from being listed to avoid potential policy violations.


Suggestions for avoiding duplicate titles

Here are some suggestions on how to avoid duplicate titles for your international listings:

Additionally, you should confirm that:

  • There are no duplicate listings in your domestic market,
  • Third-party tools are updated, and their auto-relist feature is turned off (some tools are known to override your eBay settings and relist items automatically),
  • You have not manually relisted any of your international listings,
  • You have not manually listed items internationally outside of using Webinterpret services.


Prevent duplicate titles from eBay

To eliminate the risk of creating duplicate listings, you can use your Selling Manager to ensure that only your original listings have the relisting automation rule turned on:

1. Open your Active listings in eBay

2. Click Advanced search

3. Choose Site and all sites except this site 

4. Check all of your live listings

5. From the Automation rules drop-down, select Remove


Your international listings will no longer be relisted outside of Webinterpret's automated system, which greatly eliminates the risk of generating duplicate listings.