Not listed items - Insufficient selling limits

Learn what to do if your items are not being listed (blocked) due to insufficient selling limits. This will be visible from the Not listed items section in your Webinterpret Dashboard. Selling limit increases must be requested directly from eBay.

Topics in this article:


What are selling limits?

eBay selling limits (sometimes referred to as selling allowances) are designed to help you grow your business in a manageable way. eBay reviews your account every month and automatically adjusts your limits based on your current subscription, sales volume, and buyer feedback. Both active and sold listings count towards your monthly limit.

If your listings are not being listed due to Insufficient selling limits (viewable from your Webinterpret Dashboard), this means that your eBay selling limits have been reached, and Webinterpret is unable to list more international listings.

You can follow the instructions from this eBay article to check your selling limits and to apply for an increase from eBay.

Note: Selling limits count the number of items that are available for sale within a single listing (i.e. your inventory). For example, if you have 10 listings and each listing has an inventory of 10 items, these listings will take up 100 items’ worth of space in your selling allowance.


Maximizing your selling limits

To maximize your selling limits (to list more internationally with Webinterpret), it is recommended to take one or several of the following actions:

1. Apply for a selling limits increase from eBay,

2. Decrease the number of available items per listing on your domestic listings (these will automatically be reflected on your international listings with Webinterpret),

3. Contact Webinterpret to decrease the number of available items per international listing (Webinterpret can set a maximum number of items per listing that cannot be exceeded),

4. Contact Webinterpret to decrease the number of listings on international eBay marketplaces (Webinterpret can set a maximum number of listings that cannot be exceeded),

5. Close your lowest-performing international eBay marketplace(s) (from your Webinterpret Dashboard).

Note: Canceled listings will not be renewed automatically if your selling limit has been reached.