Not listed items - No international shipping

Learn what to do when your items are not listed due to No international shipping. This will be visible from the Not listed items section in your Webinterpret Dashboard. You can fix this directly from your eBay or Webinterpret Dashboard. 

Topics in this article:


What No international shipping means

Setting up international shipping rates is mandatory for listing on international eBay marketplaces. For example, listings without destination shipping rates for Spain or France mean that listings cannot be listed on or They also have to be considered eligible international shipping methods (for listing with Webinterpret).

If your listings are not listed due to No international shipping, this means that either:

  • You do not have international shipping rates set up, or
  • Your international shipping rates are ineligible for international listing with Webinterpret.


How to fix No international shipping

You can fix this through the following options:

  • Add eligible international shipping rates to your original items directly from your eBay Dashboard (see below),
  • Add international shipping rates through Webinterpret Shipping (available for US and UK sellers; learn more about our integration with UPS here),
  • Add international shipping rates through your Webinterpret Shipping Manager

Eligible international shipping methods (through eBay):

Contact Webinterpret if you are setting up custom IRT rates for proper configuration.

Note: Listings that require buyers to contact the seller for international shipping options will not be eligible for international listing (they must have specified international shipping costs). As well, eBay’s Global Shipping Program and weight-based shipping rates are not supported for international listing with Webinterpret at this time.