Best practices for using Promoted Listings with Webinterpret

Learn about the best practices for using Promoted Listings with Webinterpret, and ensure your automated campaigns avoid any disruptions. Promoted Listings Standard and Advanced are available for your international and domestic listings with Webinterpret.

Topics in this article:


Adding new listings to Webinterpret Promoted Listings campaigns

Webinterpret Advertising automatically selects items for promotion for all campaign models (Promoted Listings Standard and Promoted Listings Advanced). No action is required to promote new listings, as Webinterpret’s system automatically assesses the sales potential and eligibility of items and takes the measures to promote them.

Webinterpret Advertising automation explained

For Promoted Listings Standard, Webinterpret aims to promote your entire inventory and set ad rates based on your initial preferences. You might not want to promote some items in particular; in this case, you can exclude items from being promoted. In the event that some of your items are not chosen for promotion, it can be for two reasons:

  1. Eligibility: Ensure you meet all of the eligibility criteria for using Promoted Listings
  2. Items already being promoted: Items can only be promoted once with Promoted Listings Standard. If you already have campaigns active or paused through eBay directly, they must be ended in order to launch them successfully through Promoted Listings Standard with Webinterpret. You can allow Webinterpret to end your other campaigns on your behalf.

For Promoted Listings Advanced, Webinterpret assesses an item’s inclusion for promotion based its sales potential. Items that show low potential will not be chosen for promotion. Item exclusion for Advanced campaigns is not currently available, but it will be soon!


Editing Webinterpret Promoted Listings campaigns

For Promoted Listings Standard, you can use your Webinterpret Advertising Dashboard to edit your campaigns. Go to Settings > Promoted Listings Standard to view all of your campaign editing options. You can edit your ad rate per active campaign as well as per individual market. See How to manage your ad rate for Promoted Listings Standard for more information.

For Promoted Listings Advanced, visit Settings > Promoted Listings Advanced in your Webinterpret Advertising Dashboard to edit your daily budget and target ACOS for your active campaigns. See How to manage your daily budget for Promoted Listings Advanced for more information.

Important: Do not edit Promoted Listings campaigns created by Webinterpret through your eBay Dashboard. Webinterpret’s system will override and ignore these changes by default. In some cases, making changes to your campaigns outside of the Webinterpret Advertising Dashboard can disrupt your campaign setup and cause technical issues.


Stopping Webinterpret Promoted Listings campaigns

For both Promoted Listings services, end campaigns by visiting Settings in your Webinterpret Advertising Dashboard and closing the respective market(s). See How to close markets for Promoted Listings for more information.

Important: Do not end Webinterpret campaigns directly through your eBay Dashboard, as Webinterpret cannot recognize this action and will automatically reactivate your campaigns again.