[Announcement] Promoted Listings Product Name Rebranding

Learn about eBay's latest product rebranding for Promoted Listings, which took effect on July 8, 2024. Webinterpret is in the process of updating our service namings to remain consistent with eBay's rebranding.

Topics in this article:


Promoted Listings: new service names

Current Name  New Name  New campaign type details

Promoted Listings Advanced

(Cost per click)

Promoted Listings Promoted Listings with a priority campaign strategy

Promoted Listings Standard

(Cost per sale)

Promoted Listings with a general campaign strategy
Offsite Ads Promoted Offsite -


When will the Webinterpret Dashboard and related Promoted Listings materials be updated with the new service names?

We are currently updating the content and naming used in the Webinterpret Dashboard so that you will become familiar with these new service names. Over the next few weeks, Help Center articles, WI Bot and our main website will be updated with the new names accordingly.