TurboLister no longer technically supported by eBay

This article explains that TurboLister is no longer technically supported by eBay. You will learn what necessary changes you have to make in order to avoid duplicate listings.

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TurboLister and eBay - overview

Please be aware that eBay are currently updating their operation policies and practices which also involves Third Party Tools such as TurboLister.

In a recent announcement eBay has confirmed that technical support for TurboLister will no longer be provided. Due to this, it is likely you will be automatically switched to the Selling Manager listing tool and this is highly likely to involve potential duplicate listings. In view of this we’d like to assist in ensuring zero or minimal impact to your listings and account.

TurboLister in being replaced by Seller Manager, as third party tools can override your eBay settings and automatically relist items, including those created by Webinterpret.

This may cause duplicates. In the case of Selling Manager, Translated unsold items will appear in your Activity > Sell > Unsold section and will be relisted again if you select the “Relist” option. This will create a duplicate. To make certain that this does not occur, make sure that ONLY your original listings have the relisting automation rule turned on.

Implementing the necessary changes

To implement the changes necessary, you can access and change the settings directly within your Webinterpret Dashboard and instructions are provided for assistance.

There are also 2 additional articles listed below to assist in you in ensuring non-duplication of your translated listings and therefore preventing policy violations.

Preventing Duplicate Listings

How to prevent duplicate listings using Selling Manager

Please also see confirmation that TurboLister will no longer be technically supported by eBay here.

As per above, please bear in mind that these changes are not implemented by Webinterpret, and therefore we are simply looking to support our customers in taking appropriate actions to these updates.