Amazon changes for fashion categories (2017)

This article explains what changes were made in the Amazon Fashion Categories in 2017. In order to improve customer experience, Amazon decided to hide listings that do not meet certain standards. Here you will learn what those standards are. 

Topics in this article:

Amazon changes for fashion categories - introduction

Amazon style guides for fashion categories (Clothing, Shoes, Jewellery, Watches and Luggage) set out the requirements for listings in those categories. Their research shows that the listings that meet the style guide requirements improve the customer experience. Based on that research, Amazon have decided to hide (suppress) listings that do not meet certain standards.

With effect from 15 September 2015, in the Fashion categories, Amazon will hide the following from search and browse:

All listings (original & translated)

  • with a main image whose background is not pure white (RGB 255).
  • with titles longer than 200 characters
  • missing a valid external_product_id – typically EAN, GCID, GTIN or UPC (excluding Jewellery and exempt brands)

Clothing & shoes

  • Listings missing both colour_map and colour_name (excluding Eyewear, Handbags and Shoe Accessories)
  • Listings missing both size_map and size_name (excluding Eyewear, Handbags and Shoe Accessories)

Fashion on Italian & Spanish AMAZON stores (IT/ES)

  • Inner material type
  • Outer material type
  • Material composition
  • Brand
  • Manufacturer
  • Style
  • Department

The above attributes need to be in place on listings in order for the listings to be successfully propagated onto Amazon IT and ES sites. Webinterpret’s solution strives to compensate for technical differences between marketplaces, and due to the dynamic nature of Amazon platform it is an ongoing process and not all listings may necessarily be translated at once.


  • Listings missing both metal_type and material_type (excluding Accessories, Loose Gemstones and Diamonds, replacement parts and jackets, Novelty Jewellery)


  • Listings missing both colour_map and colour_name (excluding carts, locks, scales, key cases, key rings, money clips, portable ashtrays, handbag hangers and hooks)

The suppressed listings will continue to be visible in your seller account and accessible via the suppressed listings view in Manage Inventory, so you can easily identify and upload the appropriate images and missing information in order to unhide your suppressed listings. Already today, you can download the listings that are at risk of being suppressed via the “Listing Quality and Suppressed Asins Report” from the Inventory Reports Page in Seller Central and start fixing them.
For information on the listing requirements for Fashion products, please see the relevant style guide on the Inventory File Templates page. If you use inventory templates to manage your listings, you can identify the appropriate Node ID using the Product Classifier on the Add Products via Upload page.

To learn more, search "Suppressed listings" in Help from your seller account, as well as “Style Guidelines” to see the Clothing, Shoes, Jewellery, Watches and Luggage style guides.