eBay duplicate multi-listing action - summer 2017

In this article you will find information on eBay's Duplicate Multi-Listing Action. You will also learn what tips eBay recommends in order for your listings to comply with the new policy. 

Topics in this article:

Duplicate multi-listing action - basic information

eBay are currently running a Cleaning operation for global listings. All affected customers would have been notified prior to the action being instigated. 

eBay have instructed partners that with restricting duplicate listings, it helps buyers make a more informed decision about what items they purchase, and which sellers they purchase from. In taking this action, eBay are removing duplicate listings from any sellers on eBay sites that are in violation of eBay duplicate listings policy

As part of this operation, if eBay ends a domestic listings, WebInterpret's synchronization automatically ends the corresponding international listings. 

This listing action commenced on May 30th, and is estimated to last for 2 weeks.  

Tips provided by eBay

eBay has provided the following top tips to make sure listings comply with the policy and have the best possible position in eBay's Best Match search results.

• List identical items in one multi-quantity fixed price listing.
• List items with variations, such as size and color, in one fixed price listing with variations.
• For Motors Parts & Accessories, make sure to use the parts compatibility feature when available in your listing category. Do not include the compatible vehicles in the title itself.

Please note this issue has not been initiated by Webinterpret, and all issues experienced related to these duplicate listings is outside of Webinterpret's control.

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For all assistance, please contact ebay.co.uk