Security violations - HTTP Policy Update (2017)

This article explains the HTPP Policy Update. You will learn about eBay's recommendations for adjusting your listings in compliance with the 2017 update. 

Topics in this article:

HTPP Policy Update - general information

Earlier in 2017, Google announced that from October 2017, the Google Chrome browser will start to display a not secure icon when users enter data on an HTTP page and on all HTTP pages visited in Incognito mode.

eBay subsequently announced that from October (an email campaign commenced November 8th) 2017 they will start to enforce the HTTPS communication protocol across eBay for all listings that are HTTPS compliant (in simple terms, pages, images, logos linked to a HTTP Server or URL, need to be replaced with HTTPS link. Therefore, Identify HTTP content and update to HTTPS, which can prevent buyer security concerns by using secure content.)

eBay’s email campaign references ‘’Security Violations ‘’ and the insecure nature of HTTP content and subsequent action required.

Listings that are highlighted within the email require revision and need to be clear of any potential violation.

Please be aware that listings included within the email received, may not be exhaustive, so we recommend checking all active domestic listings to be sure they are compliant.

Therefore, please update and revise all your domestic original listings as recommended by eBay. Content hosted on eBay servers such as item descriptions, photos, HTML5 videos will need direct eBay support to rectify.

When reviewing your domestic listings, please be aware that the following could be affected and may not be linked to the required HTTPS:

  • Watermarks (on images)
  • Turbo Lister Logo(s)
  • Flash (or other Plugins)
  • Javascript

Updating your listings 

As Webinterpret takes care of your International listings based on the set-up of the domestic ones, we need to revise your International listings once you have updated your domestic ones.

The process established for you to confirm we need to update your International listings, please raise a ticket to our Support team including the following as the subject ''Immediate action required. Remove policy and/or security violations from your listings''.

Once your support request is received, we will automatically revise the international versions within 72 hours. (the support request automatically adds your account to our revision program).

To enable you to locate and take action on any potential violating listings, eBay are recommending the following tool which will provide the information required to revise any such listings:

For any issues related to content based on eBay Servers themselves, please address eBay Support directly.

Ensure your listings display correctly, or at all, by identifying Active content, such as JavaScript, Flash, and plug-ins.

Further clarification on these updates is provided via various articles (and videos) listed below: