eBay UK & US - updates for item specifics requirements (2020)

This article provides an update on item specifics rules that eBay have in place for the UK and US marketplaces. These changes increase your listing visibility and make it far easier for buyers to search and find your products.

Topics in this article:

(Remember that these eBay changes are focusing on improving Customer Experience, increase the visibility of your items in their corresponding categories and how your Buyers can therefore be directed to your products in the most efficient, accurate way.

For both UK & US Sellers, failure to enable appropriate Item Specifics when required, will likely result in items failing to list.)

eBay have recently announced updates and changes to various Seller requirements, primarily concerning the listing of Item Specifics.

These new requirements are being enforced from October 2019 and continuing into 2020.

To assist Sellers in ensuring they are up to date and compliant with these changes, we have provided market specific links for all eBay updates below.

Information for eBay UK sellers

For UK sellers, the updates are available here:  Updates for Item specifics requirements. Along with the updates and FAQ, eBay also provide an instructional video guide to Adding item specifics which we show below:

Information for eBay US sellers

As per with UK based sellers, changes for US sellers will also affect item specifics recommendations and requirements, along with some changes to Categories, which will increase your listing visibility and make it far easier for buyers to search and find your products.

The guide US changes and recommended updates is available here: Inventory Optimization and an additional FAQ including screenshots and further help, is just one click away here: Category Changes FAQ.

For further guidance on how these changes affect other International eBay sites, we have provided additional links below: