eBay enforcing its Business Policies Functionality

In this article you will learn the basic information on eBay's Business Policies Functionality. You will also find out how to modify or set your Business Policies. 

Topics in this article:

eBay's Business Policies Functionality

eBay is slowly beginning to enforce its Business Policies functionality for selected users. Sellers are urged to set their shipping, payment and return policies by going to their seller profiles. Once eBay has made this feature mandatory for your account, you won't be able to create or relist items without having the policies set.

For more details and recent changes please contact eBay Customer Service.

Modifying your Business Polices

You can modify or set your Business Policies by doing the following:

1. Log into your eBay account and access your Account Settings, then go to Business Policies.

Image2. On the following page, click on Create policy then select the policy you'd like to modify.


3. Lastly, fill out the required fields. Remember, your policy must be as clear to buyers as possible.