eBay - managed payments updates

This article explains the benefits of managed payments and shares light on how managed payments positively affect your ability to list in the international eBay markets that we offer through our services.

Topics in this article:

In 2020, eBay began rolling out its managed payments solution which supports an enhanced buying and selling experience across its marketplace. Managed payments provides sellers with one place to sell and get paid, and provides buyers with more options for submitting payment.

Benefits for sellers

  • Convenience: Access to everything you need, all in one place with customized reports, a single source for fees, refunds, labels, simplified protections, tax documentation, and payout scheduling options;
  • Streamlined operations: Payouts directly into your bank account, unique order numbers for ease of reconciliation, returns processing, and the option to pay for shipping labels from pending payouts;
  • Reporting: Updated reports available for download and export from Seller Hub, and data to reconcile transaction records with your bank for up to seven years;
  • API integration: Those who integrate using eBay APIs can update their integrations to view payout information;
  • Exclusive support: Get dedicated, expert payments support during the sign-up process and whenever you need help.

Benefits for buyers

  • Choice: More payment options at checkout (credit, debit, and gift cards; Apple Pay; Google Pay; PayPal and PayPal Credit);
  • Privacy: Payment data is not shared with the seller;
  • Protection: Eligible purchases will still enjoy the same great protections with eBay’s Money Back Guarantee;
  • Simplicity: Buyers can complete their transaction, get help, and resolve issues all in one place (eBay).

Managed payments FAQ

If I use managed payments now, can I still sell internationally with Webinterpret?

Yes! We are compatible with eBay’s managed payments with the exception of the Hong Kong and Singapore markets.

Can I still sell internationally with Webinterpret if I’m still using PayPal?

Yes! However, be advised that eBay will be migrating all sellers to their managed payments service in the near future.

Which international marketplaces can I sell on if I am using managed payments?

As of right now, all of the international eBay markets that we enable through our services are supported, with the exception of Hong Kong and Singapore.

If you received a notice from eBay that your listings were taken down due to non-compliance with Managed Payments, it is referring only to those listings in the Hong Kong and Singapore markets. We expect eBay to open these markets for international trade soon.

Where can I learn more about managed payments?

Be sure to check out the official eBay page about managed payments, as well as their page documenting selling fees for managed payments sellers.

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us here.

Please note that this article will be updated as more information becomes available!