Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform - how should I change my listings?

In this article you will find information on the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Platform. You will also find out if you have to change anything in your listings. 

Topics in this article:

As of January 9, 2016 (now postponed to February 15 due to platform launch delays), sellers will have an obligation to refer customers to the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Platform.

According to article 14, section 1 of Regulation (EU) No 524/2013 all businesses selling goods or services online within the EU must carry the following link on their website to the ODR Platform: (to be launched on Feb 15, 2016)

What should I do with my eBay items?

Your eBay items should include the link in any of the following locations:

  • Item description
  • Impressum / Terms and Conditions (My eBay)

Should you have more questions regarding the settings, please contact eBay Customer Service.

What happens to my international listings?

As soon as you add the ODR-platform link to your original item description or Impressum / Terms and Conditions, Webinterpret will automatically copy the additional information to your listings.

In case of additional questions regarding legal regulations, please contact your lawyer.

Useful links:

Regulation text:

ODR-Platform link: