How to prevent duplicate listings using Selling Manager?

To eliminate the risk of creating orphaned or duplicate listings, please go to your Selling Manager and make sure that ONLY your original listings have the relisting automation rule turned on.

Here's how you do it:

  1. Go to your "Active" listings

  2. Go to "Advanced search"


  3. Choose search by "site" and "all sites except this site"


  4. Mark all live listings

  5. From the "Automation rules" drop-down choose "Remove"


  6. And it's done

To find out more on duplicate or orphaned listings, please read the following article.


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    William R Gottschalk

    Webinterpret has been a mini-disaster.

    Please remove it NOW from my ebay account: billg1942

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    William R Gottschalk

    Please remove webinterpret from my billg1942 ebay account

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