Managing long-term unsold items

In this article you will learn how to manage long-term unsold items. This WebInterpret service offers assistance with listing visibilty and sales increase. 

Topics in this article:

Managing long-term unsold items - overview

For all our eBay clients, we offer a listing maintenance service to assist with improving sales & listing visibility.

Items & listings that have not sold for 12 months are likely to be removed automatically to focus on optimizing your account and to promote those listings with higher visibility and sales performance on International eBay sites.

Managing long-term unsold items - additional information

In providing this service, we also assist in preventing future additional listing fees from eBay’s fair use policy by removing the unsold translated item/listing.

As items with no Sales history are also displayed lower in eBay’s search function, we replace these unsold items with new ones which will then be displayed higher in any Buyer search.

Due to the above maintenance, we can focus on those items with higher Sales potential rather than listing those unsold for long periods.

For an Overview of Item Re-listing, please see this guide which includes an update for November 2016.

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