Keep in mind the seasonality of products

In this article you will learn about the seasonality of products. It's very important to remember that sales of  some products (like clothes) are affected by the time of the year. Here you will find out how to prepare for this. 

Topics in this article:

Seasonality of products - overview

Seasonality is an important aspect of commerce, whether you sell in retail or online. It's a given that clothing sales are affected by the time of year, but you might be surprised which other categories are seasonal as well. It so happens that car parts, for example, are strongly affected by the seasons, so are health and beauty products. Put yourself in the shoes of your buyers and try to predict how your behavior changes based your activities over the months.

Seasonality of products - important data

Webinterpret manages millions of listings abroad, which means we have a wealth of data on what sells and when. Our Customer Success agents actively look at what our clients sell and occasionally contact them with tips on how to improve their product line based on seasonal trends.

We also regularly share our finding on our blog site. Here are a few UK statistics for the months of June, July, August:

  • Clothes & Shoes: 44%
  • Vehicle Parts & Accessories: 30%
  • Sporting Goods: 12%
  • Health & Beauty: 11%
  • Jewelry & Watches: 3%

For a full report on seasonal trends, check this blog post - it might give you new insights on how to adapt your online store and increase sales.