Relisting items on eBay

In this article you will find information on relisting items on eBay. Here you will also learn the answers to frequently asked questions about that topic. 

Topics in this article:

When you're on a trial plan

All international/translated listings created the during Trial period are listed for 30 day. That means that when you are on 60-day Trial, your international listings will be relisted automatically after 30 days, on the 30th day with a new auction number (even if you have GTC setup on your listings).

As the Trial lasts for 60 days and there is no 60 days duration of an item, we revise it after 30 days.

When you're on a paid plan

If you are on one of our Premium Packages, translated items will be relisted only if you relist your original item. If your original listing duration is 30 days, we will relist it after 30 days too. If it is GTC and you do not make any updates on any listings that require relisting, we will also not relist such items. Also, as of November 2016 we have introduced new system to improve the searchability of your items on international eBay sites. We have enhanced the filtering of search results, so that your items are easily searchable for all local buyers. This means that we are ending and relisting unsold items from your inventory, and applying changes which were made in our translation system.

Note: Relisted auction will still be matched to your original item, so if you will make any changes on your original listings (item title/description change, stock updates, price change, changing pictures, shipping setups, adding variations) we will automatically apply those changes on our international listings.

  1.  If an original items is relisted (ends and is manually relisted or GTC listings), all international listings re-linked to new original item.

  2. If an international item is relisted (ends and is manually relisted by seller), the concerned listing will not be managed by Webinterpret (no visibility on Webinterpret, No stock synchronization, …).
    If you want to learn more about general concept of relisting items on eBay, please visit this link.

Relisting FAQs

What if I made some changes on my original items without relisting them?

If you change your item title, price, shipping type/price/exclusions, description, item picture (s) or do any changes that are mirrored on Webinterpret’s listings, they will be updated - item (s) will be revised. We also do a regular revisions (updates) weekly to match currency conversion rates (as they are fluctuating).

Which items will be ended and relisted?

Webinterpret will end and relist only those items, which do not have any sales history from the last 60 days. It has been proven that this is the optimal timeframe, in which the items are no longer showing up in search results.
Webinterpret will only end and relist items which were internationalized by our system - your own items will not be ended.

How long it will take before the item is back live?

This depends on eBay’s throttling system - it can take up to 24hrs for an item to reappear on eBay.

Will I get eBay notifications?
Yes, you will get notifications for every item which has been ended, depending on your notification settings on eBay. Please disregard these messages as they are strictly connected to our actions which improve your items’ searchability.

Will I need to pay insertion fees?

No, we will end and relist only those items, for which you didn’t pay any insertion fees, so they shouldn’t apply after relisting. We are also taking into consideration your eBay shop subscription.

Will all my items suddenly disappear from International sites?

No - we will relist only those items, which have been and are live for the past 60 days and are without any sale. We have a system precaution in place which prevents more than 300 items ending for each given seller, on a given day.