How do I check if my connection with eBay is authorised & synchronized?

This article explains how Webinterpret connects to your eBay store via a token. When authorized and connected, Webinterpret can list your items, fully translated, priced, with sizes and measurements all converted. Without this connection, your eBay domestic items will list, however, no International listing from Webinterpret is possible.

Topics in this article:

Connecting the Token

Synchronisation between your store and Webinterpret is impossible without a linked token. We recommend reading our FAQ on tokens.

The simplest way to check if your connection with eBay is authorized is to log into your Webinterpret Dashboard here. If your connection is linked, nothing will happen. You will simply see our dashboard. If token has been unlinked, a message will appear asking you to relink your token.

Third-party authorization

Alternately, you can do the following to check if your token is authorized.

Go to your eBay account's Third-party authorizations section by doing the following:

1) Log in to your eBay account then go to Account Settings > Account > Site preferencesImage

2) Then scroll down to General Preferences > Third-party authorisations. If your connection is active you will see Webinterpret in the list of authorised third-party apps.