German Packaging Act and LUCID Compliance for eBay Sellers

In this article we will cover the requirements for the business sellers on who are impacted by the German Packaging Act (VerpackG). It outlines the key steps to achieve compliance, including obtaining a LUCID number and registering it with your eBay seller account. It also details the potential consequences of non-compliance and highlights the potential benefits.

Topics in this article:

What is the German Packaging Act (VerpackG)?

The German Packaging Act is a law that requires businesses selling products to German consumers to take responsibility for the waste their products generate. This applies to both domestic and international sellers.

Why do I need a LUCID number?

As a business seller on, you need to register with the LUCID database and obtain a LUCID number to comply with the Packaging Act. Since May 2024, eBay has been strictly enforcing this requirement. This means listings without a LUCID number associated with the seller's account might be removed and it is essential to register to continue listing items in the relevant categories.

Who needs to register for LUCID?

You need to register for LUCID if your business:

  • Packages and ships its own items
  • Imports already-packaged items into Germany

What do I need to do to comply?

There are three key steps to comply with the Packaging Act:

  1. License your packaging: You need to license the amount of packaging you use with a dual system. There are several dual systems available. eBay's partner for the packaging law is Lizenzero (, which can help you with this process.  Remember: The license needs to be renewed on a yearly basis!  You can use a free online calculator to estimate the cost.

  2. Register in LUCID: Register your business in the LUCID database ( and obtain your LUCID registration number. This number is also known as your EPR number for packaging.

  3. Submit your LUCID number to eBay:  

    • Go to "My eBay" and then "Account"
    • Select "Business Information" under "Personal Information and Privacy"
    • Go to "Business details" and click "Add" next to "Lucid ID"
    • Enter your LUCID number and click "Save"
    • You should receive a confirmation that you've done it successfully

Remember: Your LUCID number is not added to individual listings. Instead, you need to link it to your seller account.

What happens if I don't comply?

Listings associated with seller accounts that don't have a LUCID number may be removed from With stricter enforcement since May 2024, a significant number of German listings have already been taken down, and this number is expected to grow.

eBay may also take action on listings that don't comply with the regulations, including paying the 'eco-participation fee' on the sellers' behalf and invoicing it back to them, as mentioned in the eBay User Agreement update in August 2022.

Potential benefits of complying

By complying with the Packaging Act, you can ensure your listings remain visible on Additionally, as the number of non-compliant sellers decreases due to these regulations, competition in the German market may lessen. This could lead to increased sales opportunities for compliant sellers like yourself.

Where can I find more information?

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