How do we select items for international listing on eBay?

In this article you will find information on Webinterpret's item selection process. Here you will learn what is taken into account while choosing the items most likely to sell internationally. 

Topics in this article:

Selling internationally - selecting items 

WebInterpret selects items that are most likely to sell internationally, that's why we check various conditions, not just sales performance in the original country.

Here's a sample of what WebInterpret considers:

  • The item's sales history (item variations aren't taken into account)
  • If the item has had sales in the last 30 days
  • If the item is at least 3 days old
  • If it isn't blacklisted in some marketplaces
  • If the item has a fixed price (Buy It Now)
  • If it has international shipping set
  • If the item has appeal in targeted countries (i.e., winter clothes sell differently in Canada than Spain)
  • If the item's selling format is Good 'Til Cancelled
  • And a few other specifics...

Some of the conditions are mandatory (fixed price, for example), but most merely increase the item's chance of being selected by our program.