How are items blacklisted?

In this article you will learn about the process of blacklisting items. Here you will find a step by step explanation of are items blacklisted. 

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How blacklisting works - step by step

Each international eBay site abides by local trademark laws, rules, shipment sizes, etc. Our system is designed to comply with eBay requirements by blacklisting certain keywords from being used internationally. This safety feature works in a variety of ways:

1. Our system automatically blacklists items with certain keywords in the title - e.g., gun, knife, fur, etc. You can see such items in your user interface when you select the "Blacklisted (keywords)" checkmark. Such items will look as follows:

If you feel the item should be listed (fur is faux, or the word gun doesn't refer to a weapon) you can have it removed from the blacklist by contacting the Support department. Please remember that you will be responsible for any consequences related to the whitelisting of blacklisted items.

2. If an international item (translated by us) gets ended from the seller's side (so either it is manually ended by our customer, or it is taken down by eBay) it gets automatically blacklisted on the foreign page. This is to prevent situations where an item has been taken down and then we relisted it again.

If you wish for this item to be live again, you will have to contact our Support Team to remove the block.