How do I increase eBay selling limits?

This article provides information on how to manage and increase your listing limits. This includes account, category and item listings limits.

Topics in this article:

eBay's selling limits

In order to provide a safe environment for buyers and sellers, eBay has implemented the following restrictions:

  • Account-based selling limits
  • Category-based listing limits
  • Item-based listing limits

Increasing your selling limits

To increase limits you must contact eBay. To ascertain exactly what you can do regarding your limits, follow the process map below to contact ebay for the most appropriate checks:

1. Log into your ebay account, and go to ''Help & Contact'' at the top of the screen:


2. This will provide a page for searching a number of topics, On the right hand side click on ''Selling'', and then ''Other Selling Problems''. 


3. In this category, click on ''Increase your selling limits''


4. Detail will now be provided regarding the Terms and processes involved. Once you're ready to proceed, simply clock on the ''Request selling limit increase''.


Fur further guidance on the process, please check the following eBay guide.

In the meantime, there are actions you can take on your WebInterpret and eBay accounts to free some listing space:

  1. With your approval, we can lower your maximum quantity of translated items.
  2. We can end translated items that do not have a sales history.
  3. You may lower the quantity of UK listings that have a large number of variations.

Please contact our Support Team if you want to take any of those actions.