Return policy on international eBay listings

In this article you will learn about the return policy on international eBay listings. You will find out what it entails and what to expect. 

Topics in this article:

We have complied with new European Law changes that came into effect on June 13, 2014.

There are two options that can be taken with returns policies: either the buyer or seller pays all the return costs. You can choose which policy you want to use when you make your listings.

How do we adjust it?

We copy/adjust your original settings per site. For example On UK listings you chose an option that the buyer pays the immediate return shipping cost when product is sent to Spain. On our Spanish listing we will have this information too.

We can add some more information about return details on our listings. For example: If you wish to have more information about returns on each site to make it clearer for your customers, we can add the information and it will become visible on your international listings.

If you have any information about your return policy  and terms and conditions for your eBay shop then we will NOT translate them. We do not translate any content of your shop terms and conditions.

Why is this?

We do not translate in this case because it is a legal translation that refers to your business activity. eBay and WebInterpret does not take any responsibility for that part.

If you wish to have it in all your returns policy and terms and conditions translated then you will  need to employ a sworn translator to translate it and then you can add it to your listing. As we keep this part of your listing the same as the original the user can scroll it and see it in any  version you prepared.

If you wish to learn more about this please see:

The Directive on Consumer Rights

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If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact our Support Team or eBay directly