How does the Amazon Repricer Tool work for sellers [FAQ]?

This articles explains the Repricer Tool, featured as part of your Amazon/Webinterpret program. Repricer enables sellers to optimize their listing scenarios and increase visibility of products on international markets. This includes Buy Box functionalities.

Topics in this article:

Our new Repricer Feature is now available on Amazon platform for our customers who are on trial period and those with a paid subscription. Customers can now give Webinterpret permission to reprice translated and original items agreed upon in advance.

The feature is designed to provide you with a competitive edge in winning Amazon’s Buy Box. We select items we believe are most appealing for the Buy Box. So far, 72% of items repriced by Webinterpret are visible in Buy Box. Below you are presented with the FAQs related to the Webinterpret Repricer.

What items do you recommend for Repricer and why?

We identified and named 4 main scenarios for a listing, each characterized with a specific combination of circumstances considering competition, Buy Box presence and eligibility, pricing and sales history. For each scenario an optimized repricing strategy was developed. These scenarios are:

  • Win the Buy Box - applicable to BuyBox eligible items for which the differences between current and BuyBox prices lie within the MIN and MAX range you set →to get your offer in the BuyBox.
  • Keep the Buy Box - applicable to items in BuyBox for which monitoring and reacting to competitors’ pricing is crucial →to maximize the time you are the winner.
  • Grow your profit - applicable to items with little to no competition →to help increase your margin.
  • Boost your sales - applicable to BuyBox ineligible items → to position them higher in the offers list.

Which items are being repriced and how?

When you toggle a switch next to a particular scenario all items which belong to it will start being repriced

Can I recommend items to be repriced?

Operating only on our recommendations is currently supported. We are working on amendments which will allow actions at the individual item level. Stay tuned

I want to reprice one particular item

Soon we will introduce this option - for individual items searched or filtered out in the products view it will be possible to allow repricing.

I want to exclude one particular item

Soon we will introduce this option - for individual items searched or filtered out in the products view it will be possible to prevent repricing.

Can I change my mind? How can I turn it on/off?

Repricer can be turned on or off at any time within its settings page.

What happens when I turn the Repricer off?

When you disable the Repricer no new items will be added to it. Listings already being repriced will be subject to your general pricing rules.

What happens if I have price updates turned off?

Repricer is an independent feature and using it does not affect unassociated price settings. If you decide to use the repricer, only items meeting the conditions you accept will be repriced.

Will it work on all my listings or only those created by you?

Items from all your International inventory can be recommended for repricing.

But I already use a Repricer for my domestic items...

Currently only items in foreign marketplaces can be repriced, so repricing the domestic listings does not interfere here.

Is it compatible with the Amazon (Bill) Repricing Tool /other tools?

It is not advised to use multiple repricing tools at the same time on an individual listing. However, for additional support we have implemented restrictions that do not allow risky price fluctuations in the event of interference from other 3rd party tools.

How can I track the progress/results?

Dashboards with statistics, summaries and reporting are under development. Stay tuned

How much does it cost?

It's free.