Why are my listings not appearing on foreign Amazon sites?

In this article you will find possible reasons for your items not appearing on foreign Amazon sites. You will also learn possible solutions to those problems.

Topics in this article:

Items not appearing on foreign Amazon sites - possible reasons and solutions

Items might not be appearing in their respective international Amazon sites for the following reasons:

  • Some of your items might still be in translation. Please be patient. They will appear soon.

  • Some items might have been translated but need Amazon approval.

  • The category in the original listing might not be supported in the international country. You will have to either:
    1. change the original category;
    2. contact Amazon's catalogue department - they may change product_types for certain listings.
  • Some items might be blocked as they are listed in restricted categories like "Shoes" and "Apparel". Those categories are strictly monitored ("gated") by Amazon. To list in those categories you need to meet certain requirements regarding technical quality and appearance, and you need to separately request permission from Amazon for each country.

    To request unlocking those categories, follow this Help Center guide. Once you have received a positive answer from Amazon (usually within 24 hours) please inform our Support department about it so we can move forward with listing your inventory on foreign Amazon sites.

  • You might have listings in “holiday” mode. You can edit this setting in your Seller Central. More on this here.