Amazon & Linnworks - set up & intergration

In this article you will learn how to integrate Linnworks and your Amazon account. You will find out what you need to do before the integration and how to proceed with the process itself. 

Topics in this article:

Amazon & Linnworks - general information

If you wish to utilise Linnworks and add your Amazon account to this 3rd Party Tool (which will support orders generated by Webinterpret), Amazon have provided several thorough guides for set up and integration. 

Below we provide a direct guide, and links to Amazon articles providing further in-depth detail:

Essentials for Linnworks & Amazon integration

Before integrating Amazon with Linnworks, you will need the following:

  • Active live Amazon account
  • Active pro merchant account due to the requirements of working with the Amazon API
  • An Amazon account linked to one of the following marketplaces:
Country Site ID Seller Central URL
Canada ca
China cn
France fr
Germany de
India in
Italy it
Japan jp
Mexico mx
Spain es
US com

How to proceed with the integration:

1. Go to Settings, then Channel Integration

In go to Settings on the side bar menu and then click Channel Integration .

2. Click Add New, select Amazon and then Next

On the Channel Integration screen click the Add New button. Select Amazon from the list of Channels and click Next

3. Select your Amazon Site from the drop down list and enter your Amazon Merchant Name

On the Add Amazon Channel screen, select the Amazon Site you are registered from the drop down list. Add your Amazon Merchant Name in the Enter your Merchant Name field and click Next. If you are integrating an Amazon Webstore, check the Is Webstore box.

4. Linnworks will provide a link login to Amazon, click the link to open the required page

Linnworks will provide a link to log in to Amazon with a graphical guide below the link.
Click the link under the header called Go to Amazon. This will open up your browser and take you to the Amazon Sign in page, log in using your Amazon credentials.

5. Amazon will take you to the Amazon MWS page

Amazon will take you to the Amazon Marketplace Web Service page, select the option that states "I want to access my own Amazon seller account with MWS".

6. Return to and click Finish.

Amazon will present you information such as Seller ID, AWS Access Key ID and Secret Key. Copy and paste this information into Linnworks. Once the information has been copied, click the finish button to complete the integration.

Avoiding automatic relisting

Linnworks is a tool compliant with Webinterpret. However, two conditions need to be met in order to prevent Linnworks from automatically relisting your International items (which may cause stock de-synchronization and duplicates that can potentially result in eBay policies violations).

To avoid issues related to this, please ensure to review the following:

Make sure your Linnworks software is updated
Follow the instructions on Linnworks' official website (specifically the Limit Update to CBT Site section)

Further Material For Reference

Amazon Integration ->
Amazon Unified Accounts ->

If you encounter any problems with orders not downloading or struggle with the integration please create a support ticket through your Linnworks account (