How to enable Holiday Mode for Amazon listings?

This article will provide instructions on how to disable active listings on your Amazon store for a specific period of time. Disabling active listings will mean your listings are not visible to buyers within this time period, and protects your store from negative feedback for any extended delivery times during any absence.

Topics in this article:

Reasons for enabling Holiday Mode

First of all, when wanting to disable active listings, please only do so from within your Amazon account. Making changes within your Webinterpret Dashboard will not provide the equivalent action, and will also likely cause issues when wanting to make those listings active again.

The reasons for wanting to enable holiday mode and disable active listings are likely to be the following:

  • Holiday/Vacation time where you do not wish to manage your Amazon listings
  • To update/change your listings
  • Your Amazon store is in danger of suspension or closure

Enabling Holiday Mode - instructions

To enable the Holiday mode within your Amazon account, please take the following steps:

  • Within your seller account select ‘Settings’ and then ‘Account Info’
  • On the seller account information page there is a ‘Listings Status’ section, click on ‘Going on a holiday/vacation?’
  • You can either bulk change the status of all your listings on all marketplaces by clicking ‘Inactive’, or you can change your listings for each marketplace by clicking ‘Inactive’ next to each one.
  • When you’ve made all the relevant changes click ‘Save’.

Please bear in mind that the process of disabling these listings may take up to 36 hours, so we recommend enabling Holiday mode in advance of your planned absence.

Once you have returned, simply disable Holiday mode and reactivate your listings, and again, within 36 hours your listings within Amazon will be visible, and your International versions will be reactivated and listed likewise.

If you are not currently a Webinterpret partner, and are interested in expanded onto a Global Marketplace with Amazon, eBay or Cdiscount, please contact us here.