How do I report issues with supported third-party tools?

In this article you will find information on what to in case of any problems with supported Third-Party Tools. 

Topics in this article:

Issues with third-party tools - general information

To assist in offering as wide a range of product benefits as possible, we provide compatibility to certain listed third-party tools. This enables an increase in functionality and automation for certain tasks.

In case of any issues with Third-Party Tools, eBay customers can administer directly from your Webinterpret Dashboard. This would include the recent update that eBay are no longer supporting Turbo Lister as a third-party tool.

For Amazon customers, all stocks and prices relevant to Amazon items are managed by Amazon directly and Webinterpret cannot support admin or listing amendments. For assistance with these changes, please contact Amazon support.

Contacting Support - what information to include

If you happen to find an issue with one of the Third-Party Tools, please contact our Support Team and include the following information: 

  • Your Webinterpret transaction number
  • The third-party tool used with Webinterpret
  • The expected behavior of the third-party tool
  • Details of the incompatibility (what happens and where)
  • eBay Item number 
  • The date of when this happened
  • If it's related to price changes
  • Screenshots with details of the issue (if possible).