Third-party tools compatibility - general information

This article will give you general information on third-party tools. You will also learn about the compatibility of third-party tools with your Webinterpret account. 

Topics in this article:

The definition of a third-party tool

We understand the listing tools as programs or web based services which allow online/offline auction creation and their upload on the domestic site.

Any tools with order management, fulfilment (packing slips and labels out of the platform), and eCommerce storefront have to undergo a compatibility test with Webinterpret.

Third-party tools compatibility

Webinterpret is compatible with all these listed third-party tools that are used to create customized eBay listings, manage stocks and more.

We are not responsible for new incompatibilities. Please inform us if a listed tool has issues with Webinterpret by following this guide and contact our Support Team if you decide to change your third-party tools. Please, pay attention if your tool has price management or free shipping features.