Blackthorne - how to enable US, Canadian and Australian eBay channels

This article will teach you how to enable different marketplaces in your Blackthorne account. 

Topics in this article:

Different marketplaces in your Blackthorne account - instructions

Backthorne is compliant with the following marketplaces: USA, Canada, Australia and UK.

However, default settings will only show UK listings : additional parameters must be set.

Please find below the steps to activate these foreign sites: 

a) Go to the 'Tools' menu - and then 'options'


b) Select "Business Setup / Sites" on the left, you will be able to select the foreign marketplaces manageable through this software.


c) To import the records, go to "file / import / import from eBay".


Please choose the second option to import running and completed listings, set the date back (maximum 90 days) and then run the import.

A new filter appears now in all related views of the software: "Site


Congratulations! Your Blackthorne account can now manage foreign channels.