What is Webinterpret Returns?

Learn about Webinterpret Returns and its key benefits for increasing buyer confidence, controlling your return costs and improving your listings' checkout potential. Webinterpret Returns is available for international and domestic listings on eBay.

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What is Webinterpret Returns?

Webinterpret Returns is an automated free returns service available for international and domestic listings. 

A request for a remorse return of a purchased item on eBay will be managed by Webinterpret directly, without any action required from the seller's side.


How much does the service cost?

International returns are included in Webinterpret international pricing plans and are activated by default. There is no additional cost related to activating Webinterpret Returns. The number of shipping labels requested by your clients does not impact your invoice, so sellers can easily offer customers an extra feeling of security.

Domestic Returns are included in the Performance plan (Webinterpret's bundle of services for your home country listings).


How it works

1. Listing return policies: Webinterpret updates your listings' return policies to include seller-paid free returns within 60 days. Note: You can change this duration in your Settings at any time.

2. Return request: Your buyer initiates a return request on eBay within 60 days.

3. Automated shipping label: Webinterpret processes the request and automatically sends the shipping label and applicable shipping and customs documentation to your buyer (in their local language).

4. Buyer returns the order: Your buyer prints the shipping and customs documentation and drops their parcel off at a local drop-off point (or arranges for collection by courier).

5. Shipping label cost: Webinterpret processes and pays for remorse return shipping labels.

6. Receive and inspect the return: Inspect the returned order and issue the corresponding refund.


By default, Webinterpret Returns are configured in a way to maximize your sales. However, you can still make changes in your Settings that better suit your requirements:

1. You can choose which items you would like to offer free returns with, based on the items' condition:

2. You can omit offering free returns for items listed on specific international marketplaces.

3. You can choose the duration for which a buyer can return an item: 60, 30, or 14 days.


Key benefits

Tangible benefits:

  • According to eBay, sales can grow anywhere from 5% to 25% when a free returns option has been added. Source: How returns work, eBay
  • Webinterpret sellers see an average of 5-6% GMV growth after Webinterpret Returns has been activated

Non-tangible benefits:

  • Increase your customers' confidence: buyers feel safer purchasing from stores that offer free returns
  • Free returns is the fourth top search filter on eBay, so activating Webinterpret Returns increases your items' visibility in search
  • Free returns give you an opportunity to beat out the competition without lowering your items' prices