How to use your Translation Manager - video tutorial guide

This article provides instructions on how to use our Translation Manager tool within your Webinterpret Dashboard. Here you can manage specific product translations, exclude Brand translations and learn what to do with revising listing translations. 

Topics in this article:

Translation Manager - how it works

Below, we provide a brief video tutorial that will help you utilize your Translation Manager. This tool enables you to manage the International listings and the subsequent translations. For example, if you wish to add a specific translation for a specific product, you can do this directly. Also, if you wish to ensure that certain terms are not translated, such as brand names, you can add these terms to be excluded for new or revised listings.

Translation Manager - video tutorial

This video shows how you can ensure that your Customers see the most accurate and Customer friendly listings:

Translation Manager - step by step instructions

1. Once you log in to your Webinterpret Dashboard, click More -> Translation Manager.
2. In the Custom glossary tab click Add translation. There you can type the original term and add the custom translations. 
3. You can also Exclude terms that you don’t want to translate at all (for example brand names). To do that, click Add new terms -> Save
4. All done! All translations will be automatically applied to the items in your store.

If you are not currently part of our Program, or wish to diversify to include other offers available, such as Cdiscount, Amazon, or eBay Promoted listings, please reach out to our Sales Team to see what we can offer.