Webinterpret Dashboard - Blacklisting Feature

This article provides guidance on how to blacklist items. Blacklisting may be necessary if you cannot list particular items in some countries or simply do not want to list certain items. Blacklisting is simply telling us not to list the specific items either on specific markets or not all (in an International sense).

Topics in this article:

Blacklisting Feature - general information

(Please note, this feature is NOT the same as our Blocking selector. Our Blocking selector is allowing you control over preventing the listing and selling of specific items in specific countries, whereas blacklisting is based upon ensuring you only list items you are permitted to sell on eBay or Amazon. This includes Brands, and keyword violation phrasing such as detailed below).

Occasionally retailers are licensed to only sell specific brands within their domestic market. In such cases, we urge sellers to use our keyword Blacklister feature. It will quickly and easily prevent items with specific terms from being Internationally listed by Webinterpret.

Blacklisting Feature - instructions

To blacklist items by keyword, please go to this Webinterpret Dashboard section (or click on More -> Blacklist in the top menu). You should see the following panel, where you will be able to blacklist items both for eBay and Amazon.


Next, type the Title Keywords* you want blacklisted and select where you want to restrict the items.

You can blacklist items only per your currently open marketplaces. If you are not currently selling in a specific country, you will not have the option to blacklist keywords for the marketplace. This means when opening a new market, blacklisting keywords for that country is essential.


Remember that all items that include the expression in the title will be blacklisted. For example, it will work for items containing the word 'knife' in the title but not other combinations of this word such as 'knives' etc. unless added separately. 

If you feel the item should be listed (fur is faux, or the word gun doesn't refer to a weapon) you can have it removed from the blacklist by contacting the Support department. Please remember that you will be responsible for any consequences related to the whitelisting of blacklisted items.

You can always edit the countries by clicking on an entry.

Once you have added your keywords and selected a Country, click on save changes.

Blacklisting Feature - good to know

Please note:

  • Blacklister has a 50 characters limit
  • Lower and upper-cased terms are treated as lower case, e.g., kubota and Kubota are treated as the same term.
  • You can add multiple keywords clicking 'enter' after each keyword (keyowrd1 enter keyword2 enter etc.). In such cases, each word will have its own entry.
  • You can blacklist expressions with multiple words as long as they don't include a comma.
  • Not defining where you want the keywords restricted will leave them active everywhere despite having an entry in Blacklister.

Blacklisted items that will not be listed by us

We will not list items that are blacklisted for any of the following reasons:

Blacklisted by keyword
Blacklisted by seller
Blacklisted - ended by Seller
Blacklisted by category

*Please be aware, if you have items listed including a specific keyword, and at a later point ‘’Blacklist’’ this keyword, you will have to request the removal of these ‘’live’’ items. Any item listed post ‘’Blacklist’’ will be excluded automatically.

You can see all Blacklisted & Blocked items in your Dashboard when you select the "Blacklisted (keywords)" checkmark.