Webinterpret Dashboard - Blocking Feature

In this article you will learn about the Blocking Feature. You will find out when it can be useful and how to block single or multiple items. 

Topics in this article:

Blocking Feature - important information

The feature is available for Amazon and eBay in your Webinterpret Dashboard.

Please note, this feature is not the same as the Blacklisting Tool, this is for individual (or bulk) item blocking, not for category or brand control.

It allows you to:

  1. Prevent selected items to be listed on selected markets (the ones that are not listed yet)
  2. End selected items on selected markets (the ones that are already listed)
  3. Unblock items (only the ones that were blocked, NOT blacklisted):
  • items blocked from listing can be unblocked and eligible for listing again
  • if an already ended item is unblocked it will be eligible for listing and can be listed again

Other important points:

  1. Items can be blocked also after applying some filters, for example filter all items below 5 Euro and block them.
  2. Blocked items should be ended (if previously listed) within an hour starting from the moment you block the item.
  3. The Blacklisted tab will show all blocked and blacklisted items, but only Blocked items can be Unblocked.

Blocking and unblocking a single item

1. Enter your Products section
2. Find the specific item on a list using Filters or Search. Click on the item


3. Enter the Quickview of the item, select the market and click the Block Item slider button. 

4. Click the Save button

5. In order to Unblock A Single Item, follow the steps above and click on the slider button in the Quickview to now Unblock The Item. After that click Save. All done!

Blocking and unblocking multiple items

1. Enter your Products section
2. Select one or more items or find items on a list using Filters


3. Once you select the items, click the Block or Unblock button and choose Block
4. Select the markets in the Quickview that will pop up


5. Click the Save button
6. To Unblock Multiple Items, repeat the steps above and instead choose Unblock, select the markets and click Save. All done!

Viewing where an item is blocked

1. Enter your Products section
2. Select one or more items or find items on a list using Filters
3. Look for the Item Blocked icon in the Issues column (white hand on a red background)
4. Enter Quickview -> click on an item
5. View status for each market (the market for which an item is blocked will have the Item Blocked icon)

Viewing all blocked items

1. Enter your Products section
2. Go to the Blacklisted tab-> you can unblock the items (one or multiple, from this level as well).