Webinterpret Dashboard - my items/products

This article will tell you how to easily manage your international listings from your Webinterpret Dashboard. 

Topics in this article:

You can sort and filter items based on a variety of conditions. Once you have logged into your Webinterpret Dashboard, simply click on Products in the top bar to access your Webinterpret items.


Products sorting

You can sort items in your list by Price


You can switch between All, Listed (items that are live on international markets), In Translation. You can also see items that have No Shipping set or are Blocked by clicking on the appropriate tabs.


Clicking on the Filters button brings up a filtering panel that lets you search for items listed by WebInterpret.


There you can look for items based on Price by entering the price range, or by Country by activating the sliders next to each marketplace.

You can also look for specific items by typing the full (or partial) item ID number or Title in the search field. This can be combined with the aforementioned filter parameters. You can easily remove filter parameters by deleting tags on the left side.


Additional item information

The right-hand columns of the Products section have information on the item price, how many countries they are listed in, and if any of the items in question have issues preventing them from being fully promoted by Webinterpret. Clicking on any item row will give you additional information about the item in question.