How to manage & adjust your Amazon prices via the Webinterpret Dashboard

This article guides you through price adjustments on Amazon, using your Webinterpret Dashboard. By setting up rules for your international sales, price management ensures you can remain competitive and attractive to international buyers, whilst also maximizing your profit per order.

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Price Adjustment Tool - overview

Price adjustment is now available to all Amazon customers direct from within your Dashboard. 

Let’s have a look at the option to set pricing rules for either all countries or any of them. A Seller can either use one global rule for all countries or set individual rules per target site. The functionality allows to either add or deduct a certain amount or a certain percentage from the item price, all done in the Seller's currency. It is also possible to apply the rule to either all the items or only those created by WI and those created by the Seller him/herself, using BIL - SELFIs.

Price Adjustment Tool - step by step guide

If it's a case of purely wishing to change single or non-global item prices, this can be done on a more micro managed, per item basis. To adjust an individual item (whilst not affecting all others), proceed to your Product section, find the wanted item (you can search using the ASIN for example) and click ''edit'' on the far right. You will then have an option to adjust a price on this individual item. To show you how will look within your Dashboard, please check the images below:



Changes are applied on listings and visible within a few hours.

Rules can then be further divided between FBA and FBM. All prices might be automatically rounded - Neat Prices. Three options are available: round prices to the nearest x.10, x.x5 or x.99

1. Log in to Webinterpret Dashboard
2. Click More and then click Price Adjustment

The tool is available in More, for those who have appropriate permission set to ON - Price Adjustment.


3. On the global settings bar click Action button.

As a standard only one rule is available - the Global rule. When clicked, the sidebar opens and allows setting the relevant options the Seller wants to apply to the rule. Options will then be saved by clicking the Save button at the top right corner.


If you want to set different rules for different target sites, you can do that by adding a Custom rule:



Rules might be edited and deleted. If deleted, then the standard Global rule would automatically apply again to the specific target site.


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