How to manage payments & account information via Amazon

This article provides the steps that need to be taken to add payment information to your Amazon account. Without payment information, your Amazon account cannot operate on any International level.

Topics in this article:

Managing payments on Amazon - overview

For international selling on Amazon it is mandatory to set-up a valid account for payments to be made and received.

Within the section below, you can edit that information, assign a bank account to a specific marketplace and manage deposit methods, including deactivating the account from this section.

Adding bank account information

To ensure your International listings are activated, go to your Amazon Seller Central and go to Settings > and click on > Account Info.

Under Payment Information, click on > Bank Account Information and on the right hand side go to > Add.

Here you can add the relevant Bank Information to ensure your account set up is finalised:

AMZ-BANK.INFO.PNGAdding a charge method

In this section you are able to add a card that will be charged monthly for Amazon fee’s (rate plan, FBA fee’s etc) if there were no sales made during a billing month. Otherwise Amazon will deduct those fee’s from the Sales made through the billing cycle.

Here you can also assign specific card(s) to particular marketplace or have one card defaulted to apply to all marketplaces.

All information related to this registering process, please check your Seller Central Account 

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