What is the scope of the Webinterpret service on Amazon?

This article explains the Webinterpret's service with Amazon. You will learn about translation, localisation and additional things we can do for you. 


Topics in this article:

The Webinterpret service on Amazon - overview

WebInterpret localises items sold on Amazon into International markets. This process involves the following:


  • Item selection process
  • Title search engine optimisation
  • Mapping terms to our industry dictionaries
  • Automatic translation
  • Localising listings and adapting them to foreign currency requirements
  • Listing items on foreign marketplaces

Our translations are automatic. Our system, a unique e-commerce, category-focused translation memory built on over 40 million translisted items, is more accurate than any other automated machine translation process on the market. The translation process is supervised by translators and quality controllers.

Please check this guide on what we translate on Amazon.

The Webinterpret service on Amazon - additional features

Additional things we can do for you:

Since we take on the responsibility of managing your foreign listings we can also do the following:

  • Blacklist items you do not want translated
  • Revise translations if you are not satisfied (we will use the same method we used in the original translation)
  • Select EU countries you want to sell in
  • Adjust prices on international listings per marketplace
  • Help you compete for the Buy Box and grow your profit
  • Tailor and help implement the best selling strategy for you
  • Apply different strategies for FBA and non-FBA items

What's not in the scope of our service:

  • We do not copy keywords and item description
  • Original order of words is not guaranteed
  • Re-translate titles correctly translated via our service
  • We don't translate abbreviations or keep upper case in abbreviations

Please bear in mind not all listings are subject to changes and sometimes changes in listing content may require Amazon’s prior approval.

If you are a paying client and would like to see our various plans, log into your Webinterpret account here, or contact our Sales department.

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact our Support Team