Setting shipping rates on international Amazon sites

In this article you will learn how to correctly set up shipping rates on your Amazon marketplaces. 

Topics in this article:

To achieve full international potential it is important to correctly set up shipping rates on all Amazon marketplaces you list, or are going to list on.

Setting shipping rates - instructions

In order to configure your shipping settings please log in to your seller central and follow the steps.

1. Select which international site you wish to set-up shipping for (for example, etc) from the drop down menu in the top middle of the page. Selection of language is also available here to enable ease of use. This provides you full access to but in your chosen language:


2. Hover your cursor over the ''Settings'' in the top right corner and click on ''Shipping Settings''.


3. On the ‘Shipping Settings’ page, you can view and manage the templates for selected marketplaces.

In each marketplace there is a default template predefined by Amazon and automatically assigned to products in given marketplaces, this is marked with a yellow star.

To edit a template you simply need to click the ‘Edit’ button:


4. Apart from editing the template’s name you can choose the model on which the rates will be calculated:


5. Below you can specify levels specific to service and regions. Domestic shipping cannot be de-selected but it can be edited:


6. Within a region (domestic and international) you can choose among particular locales, as is visible below for domestic (please be aware each image is an example, and as you are able to edit them, may not appear as demonstrated):


And here is International view:


7. Having added a New Region you can adjust shipping times (if applicable), bands and other fees:


AMAZSHIP7.png8. Save your settings - once settings are saved, a message will be displayed:


All changes for the above process, needs to be followed for each update on each Amazon site. Changes to Amazon Spain for example, would need to followed on Amazon Italy if you with those changes to be implemented. Changing a single market, will not by default change your other sites.Please follow each procedure for each and all your sites.