Why should I switch to the new Europe Marketplace Account on Amazon?

In this article you will find general information about the Europe Marketplace Account on Amazon. You will also learn the many benefits of this solution. 

Topics in this article:

Europe Marketplace Account - general information

The Europe Marketplace Account (a.k.a. Amazon EU Unified Account) allows sellers to list their offers on multiple Amazon European marketplaces (Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK) from a single Seller Central Account.

The benefits of the Europe Marketplace Account

Sellers still need to localize the information and pricing of internationally listed items, but there are many benefits to using a single Amazon account for all of your European Amazon marketplaces.

The benefits:

  • Ability to keep your product quantity in sync across all marketplaces
  • Higher GMV by offering your items to an additional 4 million buyers
  • Share listing information and manage your inventory consistently across multiple European marketplaces
  • Ability to use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) in your home marketplace as a logistics hub, allowing Amazon to serve all your customers through the European Fulfillment Network
  • Your ODR, negative feedback and your A to Z claim history are marketplace-specific

For more information visit Amazon's official FAQ on the Europe Marketplace Account.

To learn how to switch to a Europe Marketplace Account, read this Help Center article.